February 10, 2017


200 books signed! 140 sketch editions done! Kickstarter rewards shipping out next week! The Complete OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS, 400 pages, every single OVC comic, available to the rest of you SOON!

Nerd victories...

December 31, 2016

Out with a bang...

So here it is, after almost 7 years, the FINAL Our Valued Customers comic. It's a bittersweet sensation to see it come to an end after all this time. On the one hand, WOOOOOF! I'M FINALLY DONE! But on the other, I am really going to miss drawing and posting these cartoons everyday. I am so proud of OVC as a whole, drawing this comic has changed my life and I am eternally grateful to everyone who reads OVC and has shared it with their friends over the years. But after 1566 strips, I need a break and some time to start working on other projects.

Beginning Tuesday January 3rd, I'll be running OVC Archive strips for the entire year of 2017. The absolute best of Our Valued Customers featuring all of my favorite OVC comics for a full year!

Also keep an eye out for The COMPLETE Our Valued Customers, a giant 428 page book featuring every single OVC comic ever! My KICKSTARTER backers will have theirs very soon but the rest of you freeloaders will have a chance to get one in the next few months! Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!

-Tim Chamberlain.